First blog post

My (first) post after months of hesitation… Our kids make me laugh and always bring a smile to my face:). I think its amazing what these little minds think about or wonder and even the few words they pick up from others. As we lay on our bed watching T.V on a Sunday night our 9 yr old says Mom, “Why do my Texas friends always say (Quit It!) instead of (Stop It!) so does my teacher MOM… Keep in mind we just moved from California.

LOL! was my first reaction. I really didn’t have an answer for that at first, except that it means the same just in different words. Being in Texas for our first year we’ve seen and heard it all different. It’s nice to experience places that are different and people who¬†are different. I just hope our kids can continue to learn and see what other differences there are in this crazy world we live in.

Until next time or as my kiddos would say, Toodles! CC